The R&D team of 3C Machinery composes talent young researchers, highly motivated engineers who are excellent at mechanical, electronic, embedded system, and software.

The team of technology advisors are top experts from research institutes and universities both in and outside the country.

Name: Toai Truong Trong
Major: Robotics

Name: Dr. Tuan Mai Anh
Position: Project Developer, Leader of North R&D Team
Major: Sensor and actuator

Name: Dr. Lam Chung Tan
Position: Technology Advisor
Major: Robotics

Name: Dr. Hieu Le Chi
Position: Development Advisor
Major: Product Development

Name: Hung Nguyen
Position: Head of embedded system department
Major: Electronic

Name: Nhon Luong Van
Position: Head of mechanical department
Major: Mechanical

Name: Phung Ha Thuc
Position:Head of  R&D department
Major: Automatic Control

Name: Linh Nguyen Chi
Position: Head of Electronic department
Major: Electronic