Robot3T is a robot brand of 3C Machinery JSC, one of the leading research and manufacturing companies in robotics and automation.

We have the ambition to successfully develop and commercialize robot products with Vietnamese brand, highly competitive in terms of trade and product value, along with a cost effective strategy in design – manufacturing – maintenance and assistive technology services.

Robot3T focuses on investing in both R&D and commercialization of products, creating highly commercial intellectual property rights, utilizing local advantages and market insights. 

In terms of sustainable development and the impact, the Robot3T ecosystem will be gradually developed and perfected in Vietnam, integrating the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI, Big Data and Virtual Sensor, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enhance safety, reliability and intelligence for Robot3T products. On the basis of the  technology sources and the Robot3T ecosystem, specific applications will be gradually completed and expanded, with a focus on application areas with great economic impact, improved social and quality of life such as Smart Manufacturing and Remote Medicine – Home healthcare (Telehealth & In-home healthcare).

Business Opportunity

We are very willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign individuals and companies in the research and development of robot-related projects and products.