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Where Will These Disruptors Be One Year From Now?

With disruption as the order of the day in every industry all over the world, entrepreneurs and enterprises everywhere continuously aim to develop concepts, ideas, services, and products that will change the status quo. Only a handful successfully achieves this, and Asia is home to some of the greatest disruptors in technology. We listed out […]

HCM City, an accelerator for tech start-ups

HCM CITY — Robot3T Group of HCM City designs and builds cost-effective robotics and automation products and solutions to meet small and medium-sized enterprises’ emerging needs for smart manufacturing systems. Trương Trọng Toại, a graduate of the HCM City University of Technology, started Robot3T at the end of 2014 to turn the dream of a […]

Asia’s 25 Most Innovative Robotics Startups

  If you’re interested in tech and startups in Asia, be sure to check out AsiaTechList – my hand-researched list of 4,000+ fast-growing tech companies in Asia. Asia is the world’s fastest-growing market for robotics solutions, and for good reason. As the region’s quickly-growing countries industrialize and begin making more goods than ever, robots help them do […]

Robotics In Vietnam: The Hopes And Woes Of An Emerging Market

FLUCTUATING VARIANCES in production volume and tight deadlines are issues that SMEs often face. While robots could be the ultimate solution, existing industrial robots on the market often cost an arm and a leg – not to mention the daunting operational complications that make them unsuitable for small-scale businesses. In view of the demand for […]

Winners of Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017

Congratulations to all winners of Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017! BEST NEWCOMER – mIdeas BEST SOCIAL IMPACT – TEKY Young Technology Education BEST E-COMMERCE / SUPPLY CHAIN STARTUP – EyeQ BEST GREEN BIOTECH / FOOD TECH STARTUP – Lucky Telecoms Services BEST LIFE SCIENCES / MEDTECH STARTUP – CLAS Healthcare BEST FINTECH STARTUP – […]