Where Will These Disruptors Be One Year From Now?

With disruption as the order of the day in every industry all over the world, entrepreneurs and enterprises everywhere continuously aim to develop concepts, ideas, services, and products that will change the status quo. Only a handful successfully achieves this, and Asia is home to some of the greatest disruptors in technology. We listed out the top Asian disruptors, their disruptions that have become so successful, and what they expect to be working on by this time next year. Could you be next?


Disruption: ROBOT3T is opening up access to robotics, both by making them more affordable and by making them easy to operate.

Robotics and automation is the sole concentration of this Vietnamese tech leader. The company designs and builds robots for industrial purposes. One of their strongest selling points is that the robots they offer come at affordable prices even for smaller enterprises. This is disruptive because it allows businesses that previously could not afford robotics to harness the power of the technology–a privilege formerly only available to large companies.

Besides the benefit of the lower cost, ROBOT3T has also mastered the science of making robots that are less complicated. This allows smaller businesses to take advantage of the benefits robots bring without needing to hire a specialist or get extensive training for the operational complications that come part and parcel with most robots. Finally, it is ROBOT3T’s target market, as well as their central business hub, that makes it stand out. The firm dedicates itself to creating robots for developing countries. Once the robot is built and delivered, it is ready to use. It prioritises product quality and productivity—two problems which plague manufacturing in developing nations.

Over the next year, ROBOT3T has a goal of continuing to improve their offerings by finding ways to cut costs and create robots that are easy for SMEs to use. They have several new robots that they are working on, including one that will serve as an educational support device and a few others for industrial purposes, such as automatic feeders and welding.

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