The second workshop of “Enhancements of High-Quality Human Resources and Employability for Vietnam in Design and Development of High-value Added Products, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (HAPIE) project was held in Hanoi June 8-9. The workshop attracted 50 participants including experts from 4 UK universities, local project partners (universities, research centres, hospitals, clinic centres, small and medium enterprises….

After 8 months, the project meets well the proposed objectives related to higher education, career development and employability, technology transfer and RTD in Vietnam. Concretely, this project aims to obtain the sustainable development of the high-quality human resources, effective industry engagements via KTP and placement programmes, employability and innovation in advanced technologies for Vietnam, with the strong links and fruitful collaborations in Education and R&D with HEIs in UK.

According to the organizer, the project partners think that, in addition to the physical results, the most important achievement of the project is the creation of an active network that composes of motivated and talent research groups, expertise with the commitment to a better life of community.

The workshop is end of the project but it starts a new chapter of collaboration of the partners in coming missions.